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Civil Litigation

Whether you are a sprawling corporation, a local family-owned business, or an individual, we are Maryland Civil Litigation lawyers who can pursue your case with zeal and attention to detail. Civil litigation covers a broad range of potential disputes:

CONtract Disputes

Contract disputes can surface at the most inopportune junctures. Often, disputes affect the productivity of the parties involved and can disrupt situations that were running smoothly up to that point.  There may be general contract disputes, bad faith claims, insurance coverage issues, purchasing agreements matters, and real estate contracts that need clarification. It is important to realize that these problems are common, and often cannot be handled objectively by the competing parties with vested interest in an outcome turning out in their favor.


Partnership disputes arise when certain shareholders or partners in a business diverge on issues pertinent to the functions of the business. Business partnership disagreements can be extremely involved and personal. I can help you in handling partnership disputes and can attempt to salvage the relationships that caused you to trust your partners in the inception of the business.


Under a non-compete agreement, one party, usually an employee, agrees not to pursue a similar trade or profession in competition against another party, usually the employer. When a party to these agreements, steps outside the bounds of this agreement, this has a direct effect on the business that constructed the arrangement. I can help you in determining what areas and acts the arrangement cover and whether there has been an actual violation.


There are situations that do not lend themselves to categorization. We have dealt with disputes that involve what may seem to be a minor disagreement. Often times, people are upset with how things have developed throughout the course of a contractual agreement. People may be dissatisfied with how they are treated by a party that have signed a contract with and feel that they are entitled to relief because something that was supposed to happen, did not happen. We can help you determine whether your case is viable and what can be done to resolve your matter.